How Teammates Works:

Teammates is always looking for adult volunteers (mentors) who want to build a positive relationship with a student in order to help them reach their full potential.  You can start mentoring at anytime during the school year!    By volunteering just one hour a week mentors build a friendship with the student, and provide support, encouragement and guidance.

TeamMates is located in 112 communities across Nebraska, Iowa, and California.  Check out the full chapter list HERE.

TeamMates is a school-based program– meaning that matches meet at the school during school hours.   Matches meet during the school year.   Every TeamMates school building has a coordinator who is the mentor’s main point of contact.  TeamMates understands that some weeks mentors will not be able to make the mentoring time, or that it will need to be re-scheduled for a new time. The school TeamMates coordinator will help make the mentoring experience one that works for you!  Meeting at the school provides a safe, neutral environment with games, activities and resources to help support the match.

Mentoring is making an investment in the future. By spending just one hour each week with a student and showing your interest in their life, you can increase the likelihood they will graduate from high school and become a contributing member of society. Mentors help identify the gifts and talents of young people that provide them a sense of hope and vision for their life.

Who can Volunteer?

Any adult who desires to make a difference in the life of a child by being a positive role model.  Volunteers who care about youth and are positive role models are encouraged to be mentors.

How Do I Get Involved?

It’s easy to get started mentoring with TeamMates!  1. Apply  2. Train  3. Meet Your Mentee!

TeamMates Online Application is available HERE.

How Can I learn more about TeamMates?


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